Associate Lawyer


Job Description

• To perform legal work on tax related matters. This will require an end to end service to clients, starting from its BIR registration and ending with its dissolution and everything else in between.  You should be personable, good at legal research, able to think on your toes.

• To perform legal work related to the Corporation Code. This will require end to end service to clients, starting from advising it on the best business vehicle to set up, to its incorporation up to shortening the corporate term and everything else in between.  Corporate secretarial services and the knowledge of corporate housekeeping is included. 

• To perform registration and licensing applications with different government agencies, including but not limited to the PEZA, BOI, CDMA, DTI.

• To appear before the Court of Tax Appeals and the RTC for tax related litigation.

• To perform non legal work such as keeping accurate time records on work rendered for clients and such other administrative and finance related matters of the Firm.



• Candidate must possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Law/ Bar Passer (Recent is Okay)

• Fluent in Business English – both written and spoken

• Strong interest in Taxation and Corporate law

• Eager to learn new things and to work interdisciplinary

• Very personable/ good people skills/ able to deal with government employees and officials

• Good at research and computer literate

• Prayerful, respectful of difference in personalities, honest and hardworking


Why join us?

In LMA Law, we take mentoring very seriously.  Lawyers in LMA Law are molded into well rounded leaders who are exposed to both legal and non-legal skills.  High priority is given to ensuring the efficient and reliable transfer of technology from the partners to the associates.  Nothing is withheld in our efforts to mentor.  In addition to the legal and technical skills, we aim to develop honest lawyers who succeed in cases on the basis of merits.  Character is built alongside skills.  We believe that no one has a monopoly of knowledge and learning can be reciprocal.